Logistics Services

Logistics services provides the logistics support for each of the Enhance Divisions managing all of their warehousing, Inbound/Outbound and transport requirements. Logistics manages over 120 vehicles operating from 6 locations (Rumais, Wadikabir, Sohar, Nizwa, Alkamel and Salalah) employeeing over 170 staffs. In addtion to providing internal logistics solutions, Enhance provides a variety of storage, transport and co-packing services for a number of third parties including Nawras, Burger King etc.

The Division is P&L accountable, maintains a comprehensie set of KPI's and seeks to offer the Best logistics services for the internal Divisions and for customers in the Sultanate.

The Company opened a new 6000m2 facility in Sohar and purpose built warehouse in Nizwa in 2012.


The Company opened a 12600m2 full temperature controlled warehouse in Rumais as the main service centre in 2010. This serves both internal needs and external customer requirements.


Logistics manages the transport to ensure efficient and ontime delivery to customers and provides solutions to third parties.


All co-packing requirements for the company are managed through the co-packing facility in Rumais and Wadikabir and increasingly for third parties.