O-Mart / Noor

O-Mart logo 

Omart and Noor are new and exciting brands of convenience stores created by Enhance.

Managed by a team of highly experienced retailers, O-Mart is the first 24 hour organised convenience store to be placed on non-forecourt locations. Noor is focussed on providing grocery shopping in neighbourhood locations with a wider range of products including fresh fruits and vegetables with competetive pricing.

Both O-Mart and Noor delivers high service standards, availability, quality of range, quick service, bakery, ATM, attractive marketing activities and clean toilets through highly trained and experienced Omani customer service assistants.

The focus is to have the flexibility of reaching locations where a forecourt convenience store cannot, for example, Premium Neighborhoods, shopping centers and premium residential projects.

For any Retail Trade Enquiries, please contact Mr. Anurag Kumar, Sr. Business Head - Retail, Telephone - 00968 2452 63 82, Fax - 00968 2452 63 88, Email - AnuragK@enhanceoman.com